All right, so we’ve changed direction slightly because let’s be real. I love talking about showing up shining boldly, unapologetically and our life’s calling and before we even know what our life’s calling is. As I’ve said in a previous episode, we know that we can show up as our best selves and we’ve gotta be bold about that.

We’ve got to be unapologetic about that because that’s a starting point, but I want to share a little bit about why harmonious hustle, where that came from, what I’m about, and why I think it’s important for you to explore this in your own life and your own business.

You see, when I was starting my business, I was just leaving finance and in finance there was this energy of true hustle, hustle as I’ve known it to be fast money first. I don’t care how you feel like these are things that my old mentor would literally say. One day he was dying with the flu and I remember he came in with, you know, he was on all sorts of dayquil and inhalers and all this craziness, but it was like he was earning this badge of honor because he was showing up anyway and I thought, well, if I want to make a million dollars a year, then I’ve got to be willing to do that.

I thought that doing that was whatever it takes. So then when I shifted into this business of coaching, inspiring, wanting to help people, I remembered a lot of those things. Just get your calls done, just make your sales. It’s a numbers game. A lot of that stuff is true in some ways, but I’m here to to bust some myths. There’s a lot of myths about what it means to be successful, what it means to hustle, and I want to show women, especially that we can have a harmonious hustle.

So harmony is a highly personal thing. It’s alignment, inner alignment, right? We think of something being in harmony with is I feel like it feels good, right? Feels Nice, feels light, it feels expansive, feels high even. But then you think of hustle will does hustle mean to you?

Listen up to find out how to make that SHIFT to a Harmonious Hustle!

Nichole  Sylvester

Nichole  delivers her  no nonsense wisdom  on awakening to the power of personal choice  and radical transformation. Nothing is off limits here.  She speaks from personal experience as she rebuilt her life from the depths  of her own dark struggles. From drug smuggling, violent abuse and addiction as a young mother to  now a bestselling author, entrepreneur and success coach helping thousands of people per year radically transform all  areas of their life.

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