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“Nichole Sylvester’s sojourn into her true Self is one we can all take inspiration and courage from. A true spritual warrior, she has proven in the laboratory of her own consciousness that none of us should ever give up on ourselves, that our Buddha-nature, our Christ-nature, is always victorious over our inner and outer life challenges. “

Michael Bernard Beckwith

author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visionin

Starting this journey with Nichole, I was skeptical. I was in fear, over finances and I wasn’t sure it would be worth it. But the fear alone is why I knew I needed to do it! I have looked up to Nichole and have wanted to work with her for a while, and I knew I needed to jump. Nicholes’ support and belief in me, made me believe in myself!

Since working with Nichole, I have increased my income substantially, gained more clients, and have created an entire program from scratch. I also did done my first podcast this week and got asked to speak at my first event, and I get PAID!. GUYS, Nicole will push you in the best way possible and support you. If you’re ready to take action and fly on your dreams, it is an absolute MUST. Thank you, Nichole for all you do! Xoxo

Linzee Belle

Yoga Nidra Holistic Coach

“I knew Nichole was a mirror and would not let me hide from the deep questions. Finally, I took the leap and my only regret is that I wish I would have worked with her sooner.
During a short 4 week period together, I had massive growth. I had been trying so hard to improve a special relationship, and in one session she helped me forgive in a way that I couldn’t with others in months.
She reminded me that all the power I need and hold rests within me. She created a safe, warm and sacred space of sisterhood and is a mentor I plan on carrying with me throughout my journey.”
Selisa Loeza

Permission Granted

“Being in Nichole’s group has brought so much more value to my life than just 6 figures. My personal/spiritual path for me was awakened more on this journey than anything.”

April Goldade

$ix Figure $ummer

“This experience has been life changing and I honestly can’t tell you how many aspects of my life have been not only recognized, but accepted and worked on leaving me feeling amazing.”

Marissa Alexander

Radical Shift Intensive

“Working with Nichole has helped me identify and overcome many issues that were holding me back from living the life I deserve. Now, I know how to feel through my fear rather than run from it. Working with Nichole has been an incredible experience. I’ve spent plenty of time in therapy and working with other coaches, but no one has been able to guide me through my fear the way Nichole has. Thank you, Nichole, for sharing your gifts with use all.”

Toni Bunton

“Nichole is Amazing…truly the Best of the Best!! I believe everyone needs a coach and mentor. We need someone to challenge us and to give us new tools and techniques to live the best version of ourselves. This is exactly what I’ve experienced with Nichole! I signed up for her first program not knowing what to expect. I was blown away from the very beginning. I had immediate transformations and saw results that have been life-changing for me. After that program ended, I signed up for my second program the very next week. I highly recommend Nichole to anyone that is searching for Amazing Breakthroughs and Results that will last a lifetime!!!”

xo, Michele

“I’ve watched Nichole evolve and take action like no one else. I have always been drawn to spiritual leadership and Nichole embodies this naturally. For me a leader is congruent, relatable, and aligned with their mission. This is what made Nichole stand out for me. I invested in her Radical Intensive Shift program and the results have been amazing. I feel more focused, inspired, and most importantly I am taking action. As we journey along and begin to step out of our comfort zone we feel scared and unsure, Nichole is like a gentle reminder that it’s possible to have it all. I entered the group with the intention to take my full power back and I feel it, I truly do. I am excitingly optimistic about what is to come.”

Becky Lambert

Yoga Instructor & Reiki Master

“If you’re trying to dig deeper to make a breakthrough in any area of your life, or if you’re trying to find healing for something that’s been hurting or heavy, I highly recommend Nichole’s group programs. Between the weekly live calls I’d start most mornings listening to the meditation part of the replay again to kickoff my workday aligned and in tune. The meditations were definitely my favorite part! Nichole is truly a gifted guide.”

“When I think about my work with Nichole, the first phrase that comes to mind is ‘Nowhere to hide.’ Nichole helped me see that I was hiding my gifts behind my desire for security; behind my story; and behind my past. I’ve done a lot of personal development work, attended tons of events, and worked with several other coaches; Nichole is the only person who was able to truly show me why I wasn’t taking action, and then teach me how to get past my blocks and do what my heart truly desired.

 In the time that I worked with her, I’ve left my 6-figure business that was no longer serving me (an in fact depressing me); moved (in less than three months) from Sacramento, CA to my ideal location near the beach in San Diego; and I am finally ALL-IN on my business. I know I would not be here without her guidance, and her enabling me to  confront the truth: that I was the only person standing in the way of me making the changes in my life I want to make. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to reach the next level in life and business. She does not simply change your habits–she helps you to transform into who you were truly born to be. If you are serious about your growth, you will benefit from working with Nichole!”

Caliph Assagai

Motivational Speaker & Coach

“I came to Nichole because I wanted to shift my wealth mindset and learn to flex my money making muscles. Honestly, I couldn’t afford to work with her, but I couldn’t afford NOT to. After moving some mountains and experiencing shifts before we even began, I knew I was in for a transformational month.

While working with Nichole, I launched my first course, made back the money I invested to work with her and deepened my loving relationship with money. Making money while having an impact was easy and fun! Nichole will unleash your inner money making beast in the most harmoniously delicious way ever. If you need a life and business upgrade or want the kind of support that will bring you out of hiding, hire Nichole. You can afford it. I love you Nichole! Thank you for all you do!

Eliana Reyes

Award-Winning Motivation Speaker, Author and Self-Love Coach

“In summer 2018, I heard Nichole speak on a podcast and was immediately taken by her transformational story, methods, and teachings. On a whim, I signed up for her spiritual life-coaching services. Immediately, I went from feeling that nothing was happening in my life to taking initiative in making my dreams come true.

Since then, I started a podcast, which ended up turning into a metaphysical/healing course media and events company (check us out – http://schoolofsparkles.com/) and am certainly on my path. I highly recommend Nichole for people who are seeking a spiritual, no bullshit approach to changing their lives.

I cannot wait to see what’s next for Nichole (and me) and will forever be grateful for her friendship and support.”

Sara Fruman

Founder, School of Sparkles

“I priced it higher than anything I had created in the past and i sold my first package for $2500 just 2 weeks later! I will continue to build on this package customize it for those clients who are ready to do the inner work necessary to see their best results.”

Holly Mann

Co-Founder of Fresh Habits

“Working with Nichole has been the best investment I have ever made in myself. I have deepened my spiritual practice, gained more confidence in myself and best of all, I have more clarity in life. Nichole has helped me to heal deep wounds that were holding me back in life, and taught me to live life with an open heart, open mind and from a place of compassion.

If you are thinking about working with Nichole, I would stop thinking and just do it. She will guide you on a journey that will be life-changing, transformational and will leave you wanting to up-level every aspect of your life.

Sam Kinzie

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