Nichole Sylvester

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Nichole Sylvester is the international bestselling author of “OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness” and a renowned life coach and motivational speaker. A survivor of domestic abuse and addiction, Nichole shares her inspirational personal story and expertise with others to lead them on a path towards wellness and success through private coaching, guided retreats and live, online support groups. 

Nichole grew up in Chester County, PA in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She attended until school until eighth grade and left after experiencing numerous personal traumas both at home and socially that lead her on a path of physical abuse and addiction. The daughter of parents suffering addiction, Nichole is the eldest of three children. This environment manifested into Nichole’s personal journey through extreme violence in relationships with men and substance abuse, which she overcame at age 28.

Her path towards greater awareness began while living in Los Angeles where she met a woman who guided her to a spiritual center. This introduction to “unconditional love” lead Nichole to pursue a series of personal enrichment programs internationally, from India to Bali, teaching her an expert level of enlightenment. Her precise moment of clarity was at a silent meditation retreat in Joshua Tree on January 1st, 2014. She was delivered the message, “to help women and everything will be taken care of” which dramatically changed her life.

Delivering on this message, Nichole now runs a successful transformational coaching business called, Nichole Sylvester International, Incorporated. In this role, Nichole guides individuals inwards to consciously explore the depths of their being. This awareness of self-provides evidence-based radical shifts in consciousness to transform lives of destruction towards those of infinite potential. Essentially, Nichole is a global voice helping people remember what they’re made of. Huffington Post, “Good Morning LaLa Land” and Elephant Journal have covered Nichole and her teachings.

Nichole returned to her roots in the western suburbs of Philadelphia in August 2018 and currently resides in King of Prussia with her beloved daughter and their dog. She is currently hosting small workshops in Philadelphia, group coaching programs online, along with upcoming speaking engagements.

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