Nichole Sylvester

Creator, The Harmonious Hustle

Bestselling Author, OH SHIFT 


Nichole Sylvester is the international bestselling author of “OH SHIFT: A Journey from Chaos to Consciousness” and a renowned life coach and motivational speaker. A survivor of domestic abuse and addiction, Nichole shares her inspirational personal story of healing the unthinkable and creating a half-million dollar business in helping others.  Sharing her expertise, leading seekers on a path towards wellness and success through private coaching, guided international retreats and live, online support groups. 

Nichole is a global voice helping people remember what they’re made of. Huffington Post, Fox News, Good Morning LaLa Land and Elephant Journal have covered Nichole and her teachings.

In her podcast, The Harmonious Hustle, Nichole interviews influencers changing the world. Her message is to redefine the hustle by choosing harmony first. She has studied in India, Bali, Peru and with various teachers in the US to gain the tools to support her community in transformation. Nichole is currently preparing for her 3 day Conference for female change makers, Harmonious Hustle Live.  

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