Do you have the feeling you are ready for more? Deep down you know you’re here to enjoy the life you dream. If you’re like most of us, you wonder how do I get from here to there? 

What if I told you a part of you already knows how. You see you are being guided right now. Your job is to get still, listen and obey what the soul already knows to be true.  

As a master coach who is committed to guiding my clients to radical results, I get it! This gap can feel frustrating and even lonely at times. That’s why I created a space you can depend on as you rise to success like never before. 
You deserve to be supported
You deserve to be supported in your up-level. PERIOD. No matter where you are on your journey. 

Saying YES to your absolutely best life can make you feel crazy at times. (yeah, I said it!) You may wonder…am I crazy to go after this? Am I ungrateful for wanting more? Is this really possible? 

Here’s the thing, your desires are a direct call to action from the Divine. 

It’s time to say yes. I created this community for you. I am here to support you on your journey to your next level and BEYOND. 
This community is taking one of the most powerful and potent pieces to my group coaching programs, Activating Meditations, and sharing with you LIVE every Monday morning. That’s right! You will be meditating with me every Monday morning and you’ll use the recording for the next 6 mornings to deepen into the lesson. 
Each month will have a theme, and the week will have a specific focus to spark a shift. (Worthiness, Abundance, Unconditional Love, etc.)

Live meditations with a group create a powerful field of energy that you will surely feel on our sessions. You can’t create this meditating on your own, that’s what makes this so powerful! 
In between meditations, you’ll have the Harmonious Shift Community. This private space is ideal to connect with others committed to living their best life. Build friendships, collaborations and even meet new clients. There’s so much power in conscious community. I’ll even share a monthly (optional) book to read and share experiences as we you all grow together. 
This isn't your average meditation. It’s my unique Activation Meditations to support you mentally, physically and spiritually. You’ll move energy (emotion) and feel clear, expansive and open which makes you more receptive to insights. You will move from reaction mode to responsive living which will create more harmony in your life. Harmony is necessary for your highest and best form of living. Feeling wonderful is a priority. Because you are designing your life! 
Harmonious Shift Intensive Includes:
  •  Monthly Group Themes(Self-Worth, Abundance, Love, Faith, Manifesting, etc)
  •  Weekly LIVE Monday Morning Meditations (20 minutes) - Meditation is 6:30am / 9:30am EST (recorded)
  •  Meditation Recordings + Access to Recording Library 
  •  Monthly Book Club for spiritual growth + expansion within our community.
  •  Harmonious Shift Private Community where the support continues and friendships flourish.
What Others Have To Say About Working With Nichole...
"Being a part of Nichole’s group has been a blessing and a catalyst to my inner growth. She brings a passion, deep knowing, and trust to her work; she also displays a deep level of care and attention to each person in the group which feels very inclusive and comforting. Her openness, vulnerability, and lightness about her is disarming and I am truly thankful that she’s an example of someone who answered her call. Nichole does the work which makes her programs all the more deep, connected, and effective. She is a true inspiration." 
- Bisi MacGregor 
"I have never felt more unstoppable and tuned into my purpose and abundance! My business is beginning to explode compared to any other time in my business history. I am cutting out what does not serve me or others and making more room to do what matters. I also have seen more genuine engagement and interest in people wanting to do business."  
- Yvette Mazone
“Nichole Sylvester’s sojourn into her true Self is one we can all take inspiration and courage from. A true spiritual warrior, she has proven in the laboratory of her own consciousness that none of us should ever give up on ourselves, that our Buddha-nature, our Christ-nature, is always victorious over our inner and outer life challenges."
 - Michael Bernard Beckwith
Founder of Agape Spiritual Center, 
Author of Spiritual Liberation and Life Visioning 
“Being in Nichole’s group has brought so much more value to my life than just 6 figures. My personal/spiritual path for me was awakened more on this journey than anything.”
- April Goldade
$ix Figure $ummer
April Goldade
“This experience has been life changing and I honestly can’t tell you how many aspects of my life have been not only recognized, but accepted and worked on leaving me feeling amazing.”
- Marissa Alexander
Radical Shift Intensive
Marissa Alexander
“I knew Nichole was a mirror and would not let me hide from the deep questions. Finally, I took the leap and my only regret is that I wish I would have worked with her sooner.

During a short 4 week period together, I had massive growth. I had been trying so hard to improve a special relationship, and in one session she helped me forgive in a way that I couldn’t with others in months.

She reminded me that all the power I need and hold rests within me. She created a safe, warm and sacred space of sisterhood and is a mentor I plan on carrying with me throughout my journey.”
- Selisa Loeza
Permission Granted
Selisa Loeza
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